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Don't hope for Jewelry this Christmas ! 


If you would like to send a loved one a hint that you want Jewelry for Christmas, we can do it for you !!

Or if you need a HINT from someone because you want to buy them Jewelry and don't know what they would like, you can send them a Hint from "Santa" . . . that "Santa" needs some ideas from them ! 

Santa's List
Christmas Gift

Do you remember or even still have what you received for Christmas in past years ??  

Christmas Engagement
Christmas Jewelry

Well nothing Outlasts or Outshines Jewelry.    

Christmas Engagement Ring

TO SEND A HINT: Just visit Santa's Favorite Jeweler's website (Vincent's Jewelers) and write down items that you like, then go to "Send a Santa Hint" on this site.    Or you can just send a generic request for jewelry !!

Better yet, come visit us and we can help you send a HINT to Santa !

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